Welcome to SovietPorcelain.com

Sovietporcelain.com is internet shop of Starina antique shop in Saint Petersburg. Soviet porcelain is one of the themes, in which we are engaged professionally and we are able to offer rare examples of statuettes, vases and other production of Soviet porcelain factories for purchase. We'd like to offer collection serial specimens at the competitive price. You may purchase via Internet at the same prices as in our shop in Saint Petersburg. We guarantee the authenticity of suggested specimens; our experience enables us to distinguish imitations with 100% confidence and not to permit their sale. We always inform our buyers of various defects. Defects sufficiently influence the price. We offer specimens with absent parts at very moderate prices. We also suggest modern factory replicas and modern porcelain to our buyers. Having experience of Internet sales we are ready to send the specimens, which you are interested in to any part of world. We usually make shipment by post; special technique of packing enables us to deliver the most fragile statuettes safe and sound. If you buy rare and expensive specimen we can send it by courier service.
Collectors wishing to buy some rare specimens for their collections are welcome to ask for our help. We are ready to search for necessary statuettes and other porcelain things, inform you about the specimens, which we meet. We'd be glad to give you any advice concerning Soviet porcelain within the range of our competence.
Please send your questions to our e-mail: interstyle@mail.ru